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Those born in November have not one but two birthstones to enjoy in all their sparkling glory: many-hued topaz and lemon-yellow citrine

1 November 2021 | Annabel Harrison | If you purchase something via our website, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The colour of citrine is obvious from the name, linked as it is to the French word for lemon, citron, but topaz can be found in a spectrum of shades, from light blue, violet and brown to yellow, orange, pink and, very rarely, red. Fittingly, it is believed this vibrant, many-hued nature is the reason the word topaz comes from tapas, the Sanskrit word for fire. For those who like to mark special milestones with gems as tokens of love, blue topaz is the fourth wedding  anniversary stone, and citrine denotes three decades of marriage.

Both topaz and citrine have been popular gemstones since ancient times and people sometimes confused them, believing them to have the same powers. These gemstones may give strength, thwart magic spells and dispel anger; and for centuries, Indian cultures have believed that a topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty and intelligence. Whether you believe in such matters or not, wearing gemstone jewellery in colours you adore certainly adds an energy and sense of joie de vivre to everyday life. Here's our pick of the best citrine and topaz birthstone jewellery for November.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Heritage earrings, dating from around 1974, feature four beautiful citrines, two briolette-cut and two kite-cut, in a yellow gold setting, complete with platinum, white gold, round diamonds and green agate. The long necklace, meanwhile, is a showstopper. Its central oval-cut imperial topaz (18.99 carats) is teamed, to magnificent effect, with green tourmalines, tsavorite garnets, chrysoprase, onyx and diamonds.

Heritage earrings, POA; Sous Les Etoiles necklace, POA,

These artistic, dramatic earrings are from Fernando Jorge's Flame collection. The designer aims, with diagonally placed pear-shaped stones and contoured lines to invoke a dynamic, upward trajectory, to 'complement the curves of a woman’s face and body, harnessing her strength and confidence'. The Beacon earrings accomplish this using citrine and yellow gold in a dynamic, modern design.

Beacon earrings, £9,950,

Covett describes its mission as ‘unlocking the value of fine jewellery through shared ownership and subscription-based models’: in other words, giving us the opportunity to wear and love jewellery we might otherwise never have the chance to. These two exquisite pairs of earrings by Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden Jewellery, for example. The Jemison and Bassey pairs allow both November birthstones to shine with equal aplomb, featuring not only blue and white topaz but also yellow citrine, on delicate chains that move with the wearer.

Bassey earrings, £1,598 share (4 shares available, retail value £7,990) and Jemison earrings, £998 share (4 shares available, retail value £4,990), both Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden Jewellery,

This citrine-centric creation by Boucheron is smooth and sculptural: a yellow gold serpent winds around a citrine oval, showcasing the warm maple and honey colour of the soft stone. This is the kind of statement ring you shouldn't save for special occasions; wear it every day and treasure it.

Snake ring, £‌8,900,

For a nod to the beautiful shade of citrine, opt for Swarovski's vibrant pendant necklace and matching earrings; each features large, brilliantly cut cubic zirconia crystals in a bright yellow hue. 

Birthstone stud earrings, £65, , and pendant, £75,

We love this Central Saint Martins alumna's arty, colour-popping style, perfect for those who like their gemstone jewellery to be as playful as it is pretty; Bea Bongiasca's blue topaz hearts are enclosed within a 9-karat setting and traced with pink enamel-coated sterling silver. Every style is handmade in Italy. 

Candy Heart earrings, £690,

Kiki McDonough is the place to go for birthstone jewellery every month of the year, really, as showcasing coloured gemstones is the designer's passion. The pendant above is part of the birthstone necklace collection - a simple and stylish way to wear citrine every day - while the earrings show off blue topaz beautifully (and can also be worn as gold hoops thanks to the brand's detachable drop design).

Detachable drop earrings, £1,500, and birthstone pendant, £1,100,

This Lori ring combines a sterling silver band and yellow gold double talon claws to excellent effect, both working to complement a cushion chequerboard cut sky-blue topaz. This ring is from the 36-year-old British brand’s Gem Drop collection, featuring pieces created to ‘exemplify our passion for understated coloured gemstones, designed to be worn every day’.

Lori ring, £375,

Amrapali's vision 'is to transmit the rich heritage and mystique of Rajasthan and India to London... to show our colour, vibrancy and tradition'. These pieces do just that, and more; the blue topaz earrings are exquisite, creative and fun, while the ring showcases citrine and diamond in a gloriously decadent way. (Would you make this as a brooch too please, Amrapali?)

Earrings, £4,547, and ring, £2,636,

Available exclusively from Net-a-Porter, and a wonderful little reminder of positive energy, one of these two citrine bracelets is strung with enamel beads that spell out Sunshine. Holistic coach and founder of TBalance Crystals Tori Boughey believes there are beneficial energies inside precious stones; citrine is hailed for its cleansing and uplifting properties. 

Bracelets (set of 2), £70,

This ring is cleverly engineered to move with ease, for those who love jewellery they can manipulate while wearing. Crafted in yellow gold, it features a pear-shaped citrine surrounded by pavé diamonds, and can be worn by itself, stacked together with another Flip ring or styled with Runsdorf's Eternity Bands.

Flip ring, POA,

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